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Vikki Mount
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Vikki Mount

Fantastic and Fun Fundraising!

Colour Fundraiser 10 x 13

How would you like to raise
from $150 to $1500 for your organisation with very little
effort and offer a welcome
service for those supporting
you at the same time?


By using the
Personalised Portraits
family portrait
fundraising system.

Black and White Fundraiser 10 x 13

What I offer your organisation and your families

1.   Your families will receive a choice of: -
  • 10" x 13" colour portrait of their family in a quality wooden frame for $15
  • 10" x 13” black and white portrait of their family in a quality wooden frame for $15
2.   Your organisation will receive $15 from each family all year round - no matter when you book. (You can set your own booking fee to be higher or lower if you wish.) What a great opportunity! If, for example, just 100 families participate in this offer, your organisation will receive $1500!
3.   Personalised service and personalised marketing kits
4.   References (see References page).
5.   Competitively priced portrait packages - see my Packages page for current pricing.
6.   CD of all shots taken thrown in free with full packages purchased.
7.   Package flexibility.
8.   Since it’s my business, my reputation on the line, this means you are guaranteed top quality service - I treat all my customers like gold and with respect from babies to grandparents. This is more than “just a job” to me - I really love what I do.
9.   Personal editing - I will take more care than a lab as I am emotionally involved and know the customer better.
10.   I spoil coordinators, in particular, rotten because they’re the special people who make my business the success it is.
11.   Extra bonuses to the organisation for big numbers - $50 bonus for shoots of fifty families and $1 extra for every additional family over the fifty
15.   Pets are welcome. I love families to include their pets in their family portraits provided they are well behaved and the organisation allows pets on the premises. This has proved to be greatly successful with pet loving families.
13.   I listen to what families want and encourage their creative input into the family portrait process.
14.   I can shoot out of order with no problems. If a baby starts crying for a feed or a toddler throws a tantrum, I simply go onto the next family. This gives the family with the tearful child a chance to placate him or her. I then slot them in later when the child has calmed down.
15.   Small numbers – no problem – provided your shoot has at least ten families and appointment times are condensed I will still come and do it for you.
16.   I will shoot on weeknights as well as weekends – this is favoured by organisations who generally can’t get more than twenty families.
17.   Upon request, I offer free portrait enhancements (blemish and wrinkle removal) provided the family assures me they are planning to purchase their entire package.
18.   The two golden rules can be broken provided the family assures me they intend to purchase their entire package.
19.   Quality frames can be purchased for your portraits at a reasonable price. (See Frames page)
20.   Examples of my work can be seen on this web site. (See Gallery page).

It's Simple!

  • I will provide personalised posters and a very detailed marketing kit with material that will help to make this your most successful fundraiser ever. (See Sample Promo - this is a sample of one of the personalised marketing letters that will be provided in your kit.)
  • I am available day and night to help with the organising of your fundraiser
  • All I need is an available room of a minimum of 15’ x 20' x 8' high with a power point and a volunteer to help coordinate the event – by the way, this coordinator will get very spoilt by me!!

I believe in personalised service (thus the name, Personalised Portraits) and will be available to assist the coordinator as much as he or she needs from the time of booking until the day of the shoot. There is one catch, however – since there’s only one of me, you need to be quick to ensure you get the day you want.

I am contactable on the following numbers:

Home: - (03) 9830-8898
Mobile: - 0412-449-811


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